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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Support for charities dealing with concerns

Charities play an important and often unique role in our society. However, on occasion, someone may have a concern or complaint relating to a charity or group of charities, which they raise with the Commission. As a result, the charity may receive an email from our enquiries team to let them know a complaint has been received and is being looked into.

No charity wants to hear from the Commission’s enquiries team and we understand it can be worrying to find out someone has submitted a complaint about your charity. However, please be assured that the Commission’s aim is to act in the best interest of the charity, and its beneficiaries. This means that, while we will not act on unsubstantiated allegations, rumour or opinion, we must ensure our processes are robust and independent. For example, we may have to undertake some preliminary investigatory work, such as requesting the submission of information or meeting with trustees. This is to support us in understanding and assessing the issues raised and deciding on the best course of action needed, if any, to resolve matters. With all complaints, serious incidents and other reportable matters, we will also endeavour to work with the charity trustees and those involved with the charity to find solutions, and to minimise any impact on the charity’s work.

Please find below links to our guidance, where you will find more information on the various concerns about charities processes.

Alternatively you may want to raise a concern about a charity and therefore should consider the following guidance: