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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Manage your charity

Key to the success of any charity is good governance. This includes ensuring the charity is well managed, complies with the requirements of charity law and the requirements of other regulators. For example charitable companies must also comply with company law.

This section is aimed at supporting charities to ensure the proper procedures and policies are in place to manage the charity’s resources effectively and, where appropriate, to make changes to their charity.

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Sometimes charity trustees may wish to make changes to their charity to ensure it continues to operate effectively, for example they may wish to make a change to the governing document. In some cases charity trustees can't make these changes themselves, usually because the proposed change is to the charity's purposes or because the governing document itself doesn't allow the proposed change to be made.

In these circumstances the Commission may need to become involved to ensure the charity can continue to operate within an effective legal, accounting and governance framework.

Use the links below for information on managing your charity including guidance on where, in the future, you may need our approval (legal consent) to make a change to your charity.