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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland aims to ensure that its website is accessible to everyone. This page provides web accessibility information and explains different ways in which you can access the website content.

Accessibility standards

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland’s website content is developed to permit access to the widest possible audience. This website is built using code compliant with W3C standards. Please contact us if you have any difficulty using the site or would like to suggest improvements.


Every web page has a crumb trail  which shows the route followed, for example, if you were to go to the "Our status" section in "About us" the crumb trail would read: Home > About us > About the Charity Commission > Our status. As well as helping you see where you are, the crumb trail can also be used to navigate back to where you came from.

Options on your computer

There are lots of different options which you can change on your computer, such as changing your browser, screen, mouse and keyboard settings, to view websites more easily. More detailed information can be found at the BBC My Web My Way website (external link).

Visibility options

If you are having trouble viewing our site due to poor contrast our text being too small you can switch to a high contrast version of the site and increase the text size using the panel in the top right of the screen.

Screen readers

Various software programs can be used to improve access to web information by people with a range of disabilities.  The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland’s site will work with a wide variety of the most popular screen readers. If you find this is not the case please contact us.

More information about screen readers and other accessibility software can be found at the Abilitynet website (external link).