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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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When can an organisation expect to be called forward?

New Expressions of Intent (EOIs) will normally be called forward to register within six weeks of submitting their EOI. You may, however, be called forward sooner so you should be ready to apply at any time after submitting an Expression of Intent.

There is currently no definitive way to know exactly how many charities there are in Northern Ireland, so the Commission uses a managed process with organisations contacted or “called forward” by the Commission in tranches to apply to register.

In order to ensure your organisation will be called forward for registration you must complete the online Expression of intent form (external link) to provide your details to the Commission.

By submitting a form you are providing the Commission with the contact details that will be used when your organisation is called forward by the Commission.

If you think there are special circumstances which may apply to your registration, and which mean an earlier call forward may be necessary, you should explain this in the relevant section of the Expression of Intent form.

For example, If you have applied to a funding body and they have insisted on charity registration within a tight timeframe, you may ask the Commission if you can be called forward under special circumstances, explaining this as the reason. We may seek evidence of any such special circumstances.