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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Expression of intent form and applications in progress

All organisations which are charitable and operating in Northern Ireland must apply to register with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland when contacted by the Commission to do so. In order to be called forward for registration, you should submit an Expression of intent form (link below) providing the required contact details and information. This applies even if your organisation has been previously recognised as a charity for tax purposes and has a HMRC charitable tax reference number.

Click here to complete an Expression of intent form and submit it to the Commission.

How will organisations be called forward to apply for registration?

The Commission contacts or "calls forward" organisations which have submitted Expressions of intent in tranches to apply for registration.

The current time within which most new Expressions of Intent are called forward is available by clicking here.

Applications in progress

A list of all applications for registration currently being processed by the Commission is below (updated to 27 March 2024).

Download List of applications currently in system (updated to 30 April 2024) XLS (62.5 KB)