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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Name change: notification form

Section 1

Introduction and contact details

Use this form to notify the Commission of a change in your charity’s name.  In some cases, a charity will require the consent of the Commission in order to change its name. In other cases, the charity may be able to change its name without seeking prior consent. 

Charities that are registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland must notify the Commission of any changes to their details on the register of charities, including to their name. It is best practice for all charities to notify the Commission of a change of name.    

Charity trustees are responsible for acting in the best interests of their charity. These interests are not protected if the charity’s name is likely to cause confusion, a dispute, harm or offence. 

Section 20 of the Charities Act (Northern Ireland0 2008 gives the Commission power to direct a charity to change its name in certain circumstances. This power applies to the main name of the charity only, rather than any working name.

Further information can be found in the Commisison's Changing your charity's name  guidance. If you need any help, or wish to ask us a question about this form, please contact us.

It is an offence to knowingly or recklessly provide false information to the Charity Commission. If in doubt about completing this form, you should seek professional advice.