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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Click Online services to submit your charity's annual return, accounts and reports

Use your charity registration number (figures only, don’t include “NIC”) and password to log on. Click image for more info.


Need help with your annual monitoring return? Read our FAQs

Click here for answers to our frequently asked questions on the annual monitoring return.


Cancer Lifeline

Northern Ireland Charity number: 100002


Time is running out - click on the image for more information

All organisations that might be charitable must make the Commission aware of their existence immediately.


Friends of Nigeria - RVH Save a Heart Foundation

Northern Ireland Charity number: 100026


Use the free support when applying to register - click on the image for information

Your registration application may not be of a sufficient quality for registration if you have not used the guidance.


Mourne Mountain Rescue Team

Northern Ireland Charity number: 100396