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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Thematic reports and case studies

Releasing information on how the Commission have dealt with concerns about charities helps to demonstrate the various work undertaken by the Commission as a publicly funded body.

One of the ways the Commission does this is through regular thematic reports, which detail the number and nature of common concerns about charities we have dealt with.

The reports use confidential case studies to contextualise our regulatory functions and to provide lessons learned from our investigatory work, which we hope will be of benefit to all charities.

You can view our current thematic reports and guidance documents on specific concern areas below.

Download 20200914 Thematic report - Charity rates relief PDF (897.7 KB)

Download 20180329 Thematic report - Lessons from annual monitoring returns PDF (957.1 KB)

Download 20170328 Refused entry to the register: understanding why PDF (514.1 KB)

Download 20170329 Lessons From The Public Benefit Requirement PDF (668.3 KB)

Download 20170320 Updating the register PDF (483 KB)

Download 20170215 Charities and Political Campaigning- Staying Compliant PDF (395.7 KB)

Download 20161219 The Northern Ireland register of charities - three years on. PDF (1.3 MB)

Download 20160331 500 concerns about charities in five years. PDF (806 KB)

Download 20160225 Regulatory case study. Using professional fundraisers PDF (570.8 KB)

Download 20160225 Regulatory case study. Calling an Annual General Meeting PDF (454.8 KB)

Download 20160219 Why is evidence so important? PDF (502.1 KB)

Download 20160203 Disqualified trustees PDF (661.9 KB)

Download 20150331 400 concerns about charities PDF (572.9 KB)

Download Whistleblowing in charities PDF (502.6 KB)

Download 20141219 Lessons learned: Focus on charity trustees PDF (430 KB)

Download 20140320 Latest lessons learned from concerns about charities PDF (1005.8 KB)

Download 20140915 Key lessons in charity governance PDF (484.9 KB)

Download 20120925 Concerns received about charity fundraising PDF (394.5 KB)

Download 20120120 100 lessons to be learned PDF (420.7 KB)