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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Using and understanding the register of charities

The register of charities is a growing public resource which anyone, anywhere in the world, may use to find out key information about charities registered in Northern Ireland. It contains individual entries including a charity’s name, contact address, charitable purposes and certain financial information. The information on the register of charities is made available as part of the governments Open data initiative.

In May 2019 there were over 6,000 registered charities, and the Commission is continuing to build the register.

The guidance below sets out what information is available on the register and how to conduct a range of searches using the general search function or applying a range of filters. The guidance also provides information for a range of stakeholders on how to download information from the register on individual charities, a collection of charities or all registered charities.

Download Using and understanding the register of charities PDF (1.2 MB)