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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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video tutorial on how to submit your annual monitoring return

Welcome to the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland’s video tutorial on how to submit your annual monitoring return. This provides an overview of the online annual monitoring return submission process.

It may be useful to watch the video with a copy of our screenshots guidance. This is available here.

You can watch the whole video, which lasts 26 minutes, or you can watch the parts which are most useful to your charity. We would advise everyone to watch the introductory section of the video as it provides practical tips and checklists to ensure you can access and are ready to complete your AMR. You should also view all sections that are mandatory for you. If however you are a small charity, and are not required to complete Part B and C of the form, you may wish to skip these parts of the video. The table below sets out the timings in the video by section, so you can view only those parts most relevant to you:

Part of AMR

Which charities must complete this?

Where to find the guidance that deals with this in the video

Confirm charity details are correct

All charities

Begins at: 5:19 mins

Part A

All charities

Begins at: 7:00 mins

Part B

Charities with a gross annual income between £10,000 and £250,000

Begins at: 14:00 mins

Part C

Charities with an income of more than £250,000

Begins at: 19:37 mins


All charities

Begins at: 20:50 mins

The tutorial is one of a range of guidance and support tools, which are aimed at supporting your organisation in completing your annual monitoring return. Other resources, some of which are referred to in this tutorial, are available in the Annual reporting support section.