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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Oxfam Ireland joins register of charities

Oxfam Ireland has this month become one of the latest charities to be registered by independent charity regulator, the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland. 

Part of a network of 17 Oxfams working in more than 90 countries, Oxfam Ireland has now received its new charity number – NIC10084 – and been added to the public register of charities.

Commission Chief Executive, Frances McCandless, commented: “It’s great to see Oxfam Ireland among the first 2,000 charities to be registered, which I hope will act as an example to other charities to ensure they too are on track for registration.”

Ms McCandless went on to highlight the benefits the new – and growing - register of charities will bring to those who support charities such as Oxfam Ireland, as well as to the charities themselves.

She continued: “The people of Northern Ireland put a great deal of trust in their charities and the new register will support that by providing valuable, public information on individual charities and the charity sector as a whole.

“For example, and as with Oxfam Ireland, once a charity is registered, it will be listed on the register of charities where anyone, anywhere can check to ensure the organisation is indeed a bona fide charity under the law.

“Similarly charities can wear their registration as a badge of honour – an independent affirmation that they are open and accountable, as expected by their funders, volunteers and the wider public.”

Oxfam Ireland is an independent, secular charity working as a member of the global Oxfam International confederation to both relieve and prevent poverty across the world. 

Chief Executive of Oxfam Ireland, Jim Clarken, commented: “This registration is the latest step in our organisation’s long history of accountability and transparency, from being among the first to publish detailed financial information online to the early adoption of highest international standard governance codes and charters. 

“Oxfam Ireland has been supported by people across the island of Ireland for over 50 years now with some 2,000 volunteers working to deliver real change to the lives of those affected by poverty.

“Registration represents another opportunity for us to demonstrate to all our supporters that we are committed to operating an open and accountable charity, one in which we can all be proud.”

Under charity law, it is compulsory for all charities in Northern Ireland to register with the Commission, regardless of their size, income or whether or not they have charitable tax status.

The Commission began the process of registering Northern Ireland’s thousands of charities in December 2013. 

According to estimates, there are between 7,000 and 12,000 charities operating in Northern Ireland with the Commission managing registration by calling charitable organisations forward in tranches to apply for registration. 

Once the registration exercise is completed, the register of charities, which currently has over 2,000 charities listed, will be the definitive directory of all charities in Northern Ireland.


For more information please contact Shirley Kernan, Charity Commission for Northern Ireland Communications Officer, on telephone: 028 3832 0169, mobile: 07827338978 or email: 

Notes to editors

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland is the independent regulator of charities in Northern Ireland, established under the Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008. 

Under charity law, an organisation must apply for registration as a charity in Northern Ireland, regardless of its income, size or whether or not it has received charitable tax status from HMRC, if:

  • it has exclusively charitable purposes 
  • it is governed by the law of Northern Ireland 
  • it has control and direction over its governance and resources. 

To find out more about Oxfam Ireland please visit