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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Commission report on the importance of keeping charity records up-to-date

A new thematic report by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland details what could go wrong if charity trustees fail to keep their entry on the register of charities up-to-date.

Once a charity is registered with the Commission it is obliged to keep the information publically available on the register of charities, such as the names of the charity’s trustees and the charity’s contact details, current. This is easily done via the Commission’s website.  

Case studies outline two different occasions when out-of-date information led to charities being issued with guidance by the Commission.

Commission Chief Executive Frances McCandless has reminded charity trustees that it is their responsibility to keep their details current.

She said: “There are now almost 5,500 charities on the register in Northern Ireland but with registration comes responsibility. It is essential that charities update their entry online, inform the Commission of changes to the board or to the charity, when they occur.

“Doing this promptly means the Commission has the correct contact details for the charity and avoids concerns being raised by its members or funders. It also keeps the charity complaint and in fulfilment of its legal obligations.”

Download 20170320 Updating the register PDF (483 KB)