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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Carnagat Area Community Association

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Charity no. 102903 Date registered. 24/11/2015

Public benefits

a) The direct benefits which flow from this purpose include the relief of poverty, the advancement of community development, and the advancement of education providing a public benefit to a section of the public who reside in ( the “ area of benefit” ) but is not limited to those who live there. (i) The public benefits to the beneficiaries of the

relief of poverty are to help address the consequences of deprivation in such ways as may be thought fit to help counter unemployment, lack of education and training, lack of opportunity and social exclusion. (ii) The public benefits to the beneficiaries of advancing community development are to promote social inclusion, provide access to a community house, and promote physical, social and economic improvements, encouraging voluntary and community activity. (iii) The public benefits to the beneficiaries of the advancement of education involves promoting, sustaining and increasing individual and collective knowledge and understanding of specific areas of study, to develop skills and advance the abilities of the recipients through the provision of training, or retraining particularly among the unemployed and support the physical education of young people with life skills training. b) These benefits are demonstrated through consistent uptake of activities and events organised by the community association at the Housing Executive owned community house that we manage. The evidence is assessed by feedback received from local beneficiaries who avail of our programmes and their written reflections on our Facebook page and regular comments made to members whilst disseminating our monthly bulletin and media coverage received linked to ongoing events. Independent evidence and commentary is regularly shared by a range of organisations including the Department of Social Development, Newry Mourne and Down District Council, Southern Education and Library Board, Newry Youth Council, Newry Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership, the Confederation of Community Groups, elected representatives and many others. c) The purpose of our charity is beneficial, not harmful. Our charity is not engaged in any harmful activities. d) The charity’s beneficiaries are a section of the public who live in Parkhead Crescent, Carnagat Road, Crannard Gardens, Springhill Drive, Nursery Drive, and Ardcarne Park, (“area of benefit") although this will not place any unfair restrictions and exclusions on who can benefit. e) There is no private benefit flowing from this purpose. There is no private benefit to our Trustees

What your organisation does

The Association may promote and organise co-operation in the achievement of our charitable purposes and to that end to work in partnership with local authorities and voluntary organisations engaged in furtherance of our charitable purposes. We provide a wide number of activities for children and young people: 5 years to 25 years. We organise and

promote health awareness, recreation events for adults. We represent our beneficiaries whilst working with statutory organisations to improve the living standards for local people. We run informal learning events for children and adults and engage in partnerships on youth, community, community safety and housing forums.

The charity’s classifications

  • Other charitable purposes

Who the charity helps

  • Adult training
  • Children (5-13 year olds)
  • Community safety/crime prevention
  • General public
  • Older people
  • Parents
  • Preschool (0-5 year olds)
  • Tenants
  • Unemployed/low income
  • Voluntary and community sector
  • Volunteers
  • Women
  • Youth (14-25 year olds)

How the charity works

  • Advice/advocacy/information
  • Arts
  • Community development
  • Education/training
  • Gender
  • General charitable purposes
  • Relief of poverty
  • Sport/recreation
  • Volunteer development
  • Youth development

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 March 2018

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 March 2017

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charitable purposes

The Association is established to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Parkhead Crescent, Carnagat Road, Crannard Gardens, Springhill Drive, Nursery Drive and Ardcarne Park, without distinction of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnic origin, political or religious opinion, by associating the statutory authorities, voluntary organisations and the inhabitants in a common effort to relieve poverty, advance education and to provide or assist in providing facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure-time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life of the said inhabitants and in particular: a) To maintain and manage a community centre in the area of benefit for activities promoted by the association

Governing document


Other name

  • 14 Trustees
  • 0 Employees
  • 5 Volunteers

Contact details

Public address

  • Carnagat Community Association, 132, Parkhead Crescent, Newry, BT35 8PE

Trustee board

Paula Mcguigan
Fra Mcguigan
Joanne Markey
James Treanor
Josie Mcgivern
Colin Morley
Adrian Moore
Jackie Moore
John Fearon
Ryan Mcgivern
Eva Finnegan
Alecia Farrell
Josef Mcguigan
Dearbhla Markey

List of regions

  • Newry, Mourne And Down District Council