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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Hard Rain Soloistensemble

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Charity no. 102506 Date registered. 23/07/2015

Public benefits

(1) The benefits flowing from this purpose are in the the raising of awareness of art music as a passive or active activity that enables the population to enhance their quality of life through participation/ engagement in culture, arts and leisure activities. The improvement of interpretation of this music offers the population a quality of

provision in line with other major cities. In addition, we believe that communities can now benefit, socially and culturally from exposure to this music that has been previously difficult to access. (2) + (3) The benefit which flows from this is that the organisation broadens the understanding and enriches cultural awareness, particularly in young people, for contemporary music. We make this music accessible through a programme of workshops enabling engagement and participation. More widely we improve awareness of the music amongst the general public through our promotion and concert programming. (4) The benefit flowing from this purpose is seen in the boost the existence of our organisation provides to musical artists locally, both performers and composers. The ensemble encourages the appreciation of art music, that originates in our community, by the wider local community. The ensemble encourages players and composers to become involved in music that is non-commercial, but has instead genuine creative artistic merit at its core. (5) The benefit flowing from this purpose is in the broadening out of the general remit of the ensemble as a means of attracting and building new audiences of people within the community for this music. Benefits are capable of being demonstrated, proven and evidenced through monitoring the breadth of music that we promote throughout our seasons, noting the number of local composers programmed and number of local works performed, the number of premiere performances and the number of repeat performances. Audience surveys are used at events to assess audience satisfaction – information is collated and used to inform future events thereby improving the direct benefit to the public. In workshops students and participants are surveyed to ensure that they are benefiting directly from the event. Activities such as the organisation’s engagement with art students demonstrate the broadening of our activities where we feel the music might benefit a wider audience base or attract young people outside the spectrum of modern and contemporary music and encourage them to become actively or passively involved. Our work in specially organized workshops with young composers and performers and through a series of pre-concert talks given throughout our programme, helps young people improve the technical language required to communicate and helps them build confidence in their creative and expressive abilities. This benefit is demonstrated in and evidenced by an improved capability and facility in their studies as a result. Letters of recommendation from their professors are testament to this outcome No harm arises from our purpose. The only private benefits flowing from our purposes are that musicians and composers, who are the subject of our season’s focus, stand to benefit in terms of their own professional experience, and while the organization seeks to “promote contemporary music” as stated in its objects, artists careers will be promoted as incidental to that. Normally HRSE do not charge for educational workshops and concert activities have pricing arrangements to include concessions for unemployed. Indeed, we have use “test drive the arts” a facility that allows anyone to sign up for pre-allocated tickets at no charge to allow them to engage with our ensemble for the first time.

What your organisation does

Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble exists to promote modern and contemporary classical music through performances, workshops, talks and events. It has a particular interest in the promotion of works by local composers who at present have no other local outlet for their music. It also wants to create performance possibilities for local, specialist players

with an interest in this music. In general the organisation seeks to bring modern and contemporary art music to the attention of the general public and provide an enrichment to the range of art available for public benefit.

The charity’s classifications

  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage or science

Who the charity helps

  • General public
  • Youth (14-25 year olds)

How the charity works

  • Arts
  • Education/training

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 March 2017

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charitable purposes

The Association is established for the advancement, improvement, production, performance and promotion of music, arts and culture and in particular but not exclusively the art and science of modern and contemporary chamber music and associated arts and skills, the advancement of musical education and the promotion of the benefit of the inhabitants (hereinafter called the “beneficiaries”) resident in Northern Ireland (“hereinafter called the “area of benefit”) without distinction of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability/ability, race, ethnic origin, political, religious or other opinion by associating the statutory and local authorities, voluntary organisations and the inhabitants in a common effort to advance musical education and culture and in particular: (a) to promote and improve modern and contemporary chamber music and works of artistic merit for the public benefit by the provision of public events, performances and concerts, recitals, productions, information and training, classes, workshops and the organisation of exhibitions of works and events as the Committee shall in their absolute discretion determine; (b) to advance education and promote learning about the creative processes involved in the production and performance of modern and contemporary chamber music with the object of developing aesthetic appreciation and to encourage appreciation for and participation in the performance of modern and contemporary chamber music; (c) to advance education through the promotion and support of modern and contemporary chamber music, and in this respect, promoting concerts using postgraduate soloists and local composers of music for the benefit of their education; (d) to encourage the artistic creativity and enhance the general knowledge and understanding of the beneficiaries in modern and contemporary chamber music and related musical, cultural and artistic activities; (e) to advance any other exclusively charitable purpose in connection with the art of modern and contemporary chamber music and other related musical, cultural and artistic activities as the directors, may from time to time, decide in accordance with the law of charity.

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  • Hard Rain Soloistensemble, Hard Rain Soloistensemble, Redbox Recording, 173 University Street, Belfast, BT7 1HR

Trustee board

Gail Prentice
Jonny Mcgeown
Paul O'reilly
Adam Irwin

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  • In Northern Ireland