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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Friends Of Nigeria-Rvh Save A Heart Foundation

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Charity no. 100026 Date registered. 06/03/2014

Public benefits

Our Team from the cardiac surgery unit of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast embarked on preliminary charity mission from June 2-15th 2013, to the UNTH in Enugu, Nigeria. The purpose of Save a Heart Nigeria is as a humanitarian organisation that recognises their unique talents in delivering heart surgery on a day to day basis in Belfast.

Seeing another country in need, they are extending these talents to the people of Nigeria who currently are unable to provide such services. Presently, we are working together with the cardiac surgery center of The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu, Nigeria. One mission has already been complete in the year 2013 in which they team taught, trained and transferred necessary skills to local doctors with a long term aim of developing a sustainable programme. Currently, neither the Nigerian government nor the country's social service agencies can cope with provision of adequate healthcare to the countless number of people in need of open heart surgery because of limited resources, the burden and the cost of management of communicable diseases that are still very common within Nigeria. The benefit to the public of a charity such as this is in ensuring people who otherwise would die of treatable heart disease are given a chance to have lifesaving open heart surgery. It is our aim as a charity to build a heart surgery unit which is self-sustainable and gives the charity a legacy of long term improved health care to the country of Nigeria. By developing local talents and services, Nigerian people and indeed their Government will benefit from conservation of funds that would otherwise gone to medical tourism abroad

What your organisation does

We do the following: 1)Identification of suitable institutions with basic minimum safe facilities necessary to conduct open heart surgery and sign a memorandum of understanding on what and how we can assist them. We will only work with institution in an area that is considered safe to practice. 2)We will organize regular charity medical missions at

appointed times to these identified institution, carry out open heart operations by the team of our specialist volunteers from UK and other parts of the world. During the mission we will strive to teach and train and transfer necessary skill to the locals towards self-sufficiency. 3)We will treat deserving patients in Nigeria rich or poor and irrespective of their ethnicity, religious beliefs or affiliations. 4)We will provide our services; facilities and medical equipment donated by our sponsors free of charge to the local medical practitioners to enable them carry out their work and train them appropriately on how to use them. 5)We will at all-time ensure proper standards of medical practice during our mission and work within the local guidelines set by the country’s regulatory bodies. 6)We will source volunteers to cover all requests for help both locally and internationally through publications and advertisement on our web site to build up a bank of specialist volunteers. 7)We will assist our partner institution in Nigeria in identification of area of need for skill development and help source short-term training and clinical attachment exposure in hospitals within UK willing to help.

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  • The advancement of health or the saving of lives

Who the charity helps

  • Overseas/developing countries

How the charity works

  • Education/training
  • Medical/health/sickness
  • Volunteer development

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Charitable purposes

We are non-governmental international charitable organization with the sole aim of making access to open-heart surgery affordable and sustainable within the Wes-African Sub Region in particular Nigeria. We aim to provide free services including teaching, training, transfer of special skills, source and donate medical equipment where appropriate to enable the medical specialists in cardiovascular medicine ensure proper standards of medical practice in Nigeria.

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save a heart in Nigeria
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  • 20 Volunteers

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  • Mr Onyekwelu Nzewi Mb;Bs, Msc, Frcs(Ct-H), 2, Stockdam Glen., BT28 3YS

Trustee board

Mr Onyekwelu Nzewi Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Mr Eanan Harkin Senior Clinical Perfusionist
Dr Bharathi Varadarajan Consultant Cardiac Anaesthetist

Areas of operation

List of regions

  • In Northern Ireland
  • Internationally
  • Nigeria