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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Via Wings


Charity no. 106946 Company no. 641813 Date registered. 11/04/2018

Public benefits

Via Wings was established to relieve poverty/need, to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare. Via Wings has grown to benefit to the community of Dromore and the local area, by providing services that combat the effects of poverty, crisis, isolation and mental wellbeing. These services are provided in a

practical and non judgemental way. Via Wings helps those struggling with finances, poverty and who are living on the bread line through their Dare2Care project which provides food, resources and support. In partnership with local government bodies, Fareshare and businesses, help is personally tailored to those who require it. As a result a greater number of families have benefitted directly from ready access to nutritious food and products which help to ensure that children and vulnerable adults maintain an adequate standard of health and live in a sanitary home environment. For those living in isolation or feeling alone opportunities are provided to build friendship and community through a range of groups and projects including: ‘Recycled Teenagers’ project - an intergenerational project providing a welcoming and warm meal, and ‘Crafters Corner’- a space to develop crafting skills, have a chat and cup of coffee. The benefit that flows from this purpose is that our beneficiaries are able to develop friendships, an increased belonging in community and reduce feelings of loneliness. New friendships are formed and cross community links are strengthened. With their Wellbeing Centre, Via Wings provides services and support for mental wellbeing through counselling and mentoring, complementary therapies and courses. They provided 1-1 counselling to help with issues related to mental health and dealing with crisis or addiction. The benefit of these services is to help people maintain and improve their mental health providing relief and support from these illnesses. Via Wings seeks to advance the education of primary school children through their ‘Mini Wings’ project which provides a safe and supportive environment for children from local primary schools. Through afterschool clubs and summer schemes children are encouraged to learn and develop though games, homework support and use of the sensory room. Learning 360 is a programme that helps train young adults, including those with additional needs, in skills that will hopefully lead them to employment. Skills development opportunities are provided in retail, literacy and numeracy, food safety and other areas tailored to individual needs that can be met within the organisation. Volunteering at Via Wings provides opportunities in fundraising and retail for young people from local schools and other award students to benefit their career or job opportunities. Benefit from these projects flows to enhanced knowledge and understanding, new skills learnt and potential job opportunities. The preloved clothing shop, ‘Wings ‘n Things’, at Via Wings, benefits the charity and public by providing income to sustain the work of the charity as well as affordable clothing. Volunteering in the shop benefits the public through opportunities for social interaction, development of retail skills and knowledge. Via Wings has not identified any harm as a result of the provision of food and basic necessities. Any potential risks or harm that fall into the category of health and safety have been addressed through thorough training and risk assessments. Any potential harm is outweighed by the benefit. Any potential risks or harm arising from occupiers’ liability are addressed through continued training, risk assessments and occupiers and employers liability insurances. Via Wings has due regard to the needs of beneficiaries while promoting equality for opportunity between people. Our beneficiaries are school-age children; young people; men; women; carers; parents; with mental health issues; adults in need of training; volunteers; general public. 1. Via Wings has not identified any private benefit arising from the provision food and basic necessities to those in need. 2. Via Wings has not identified any private benefit flowing from the advancement of education for people within the Dromore area and their families. 3. Incidental private benefit has been identified for paid staff without whom the charity can not operate. Paying staff a suitable reasonable rate is necessary to the pursuit of the charity purposes. Via Wings believes this to be a minimal benefit which is ancillary to the main public benefit. The public benefit greatly outweighs any ancillary benefit.

What your organisation does

Weekly food parcels to families in need, distribution of surplus food to the community, information and signposting for further advice, support, practical help through donated household items to turn a house to a home. Safe spaces for projects and gatherings to reduce isolation and build community. Counselling, therapies and social support services

for those in need with grief, addiction and mental health. Educational opportunities for school-age children and young adults, as well as training and skills development for adults. Work to train and encourage volunteers.

The charity’s classifications

  • The prevention or relief of poverty
  • The advancement of education
  • The relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage

Who the charity helps

  • Adult training
  • Carers
  • Children (5-13 year olds)
  • General public
  • Men
  • Mental health
  • Older people
  • Parents
  • Preschool (0-5 year olds)
  • Volunteers
  • Women
  • Youth (14-25 year olds)

How the charity works

  • Advice/advocacy/information
  • Community development
  • Community enterprise
  • Counselling/support
  • Education/training
  • General charitable purposes
  • Relief of poverty
  • Volunteer development
  • Welfare/benevolent

This display is a broad summary of the charity’s financial information. For a full understanding of the charity’s finances, the reader should view the PDF accounts and reports under the Documents tab above.





Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 October 2022

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 October 2021

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 October 2020

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charitable purposes

The charity's objects ('Objects') are specifically restricted to the following: To relieve poverty of the inhabitants of Dromore and its environs of County Down by:- - maintaining a social enterprise centre, - providing programmes of education, and - providing practical help to those who require it as a result of their economic circumstances, in particular mothers with children.

Governing document

Memorandum and Articles

Other name

  • 10 Trustees
  • 21 Employees
  • 120 Volunteers

Contact details

Public address

  • Mrs Gail Redmond, Wellington House, 9 - 13 Princes Street, Dromore, BT25 1AY

Trustee board

Mrs Rebecca Mcknight
Ms Rosie Beasley
Mr Paul Crothers
Julie Mcmurray
Amanda Dillon
Jonathan Dillon
David Weir
Jenny Costello
Mrs Brenda Skillen
Mrs Melanie Bond

List of regions

  • In Northern Ireland
  • Armagh City, Banbridge And Craigavon Council