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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Craigavon Area Compassion Project

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Charity no. 103987 Date registered. 27/09/2016

Public benefits

The provision of emergency food parcels and other supporting products and services to people in emergency and crisis situations relating to poverty. Thus meeting the practical need of those in immediate poverty circumstances. A Food Bank referrals system is in place which allows a wide range of statutory agencies and charities to issue a voucher to

people classed as being in need of emergency food. This enables us to clearly identify those who are in a financial situation which requires support from our organisation in the provision of food and associated basic items. Referrals are made on the basis of need, with over 70 local agencies represented, these include social workers, health workers, Citizen's Advice, migrant support organisations and other charities. Beneficiaries are issued with uniquely numbered vouchers which allow them to avail of our Food Bank service. A signposting service is also provided to other associated services which will support to relief of poverty to the beneficiaries. The work of the Food Bank is promoted through relevant agencies and to the general public through posters in public spaces, Doctors Surgeries, health centres etc. Promotional information is provided to non-english speakers through partnership with relevant local support agencies. Various PR activities are carried out on a regular basis to raise awareness of the work of the Food Bank. Associating together the said inhabitants and the local authorities, voluntary and other organisations in the area of benefit in a common effort to relieve poverty and advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of welfare with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants Who are the beneficiaries Open to all of the public How they benefit Through the provision of food to address food poverty as identified by approved public and voluntary sector partners Through referral to other support agencies who may help address other poverty related issues such as debt, low benefit uptake, housing benefit etc. How the benefits can be demonstrated Improved health and nutrition of those who have suffered through food poverty through the provision of nutritionally balanced food items Promotional materials that may compliment the support available to the public through Foodbank Training provided to volunteers, increasing their capacity to provide voluntary service and leadership. Improvement in social, emotional and physical well being of clients. Benefit 2 Advancement of the Christian religion Who are the beneficiaries Open to all of the public How they benefit Access to religious publications, including sacred texts and literature that can help provide moral, spiritual, emotional and relational support thereby helping beneficiaires to live a more stable, prosperous life. How the benefits can be demonstrated Improved behaviour in terms of their ability to live a life that can positively contribute to society. We hereby confirm that there is no private benefit or potential harm from the objects of Craigavon Area Compassion Project Ltd (Trading as Craigavon Area Food Bank). We hereby confirm that no fees are charged for the provision of food parcels to those in need of support from Craigavon Area Food Bank We hereby confirm that all reasonable methods are deployed to ensure that the poor are not excluded, this includes but is not limited to the following: • Use of a wide range of referral sources (over 70) to increase accessibility to the service • Promotional posters located in public spaces and in multiple languages • General promotion of the Food Bank as and when PR opportunities present themselves • Distribution Centres located within walking distance of each town within our operating area, to ensure that the poor are not excluded on the basis of ‘lack of transport’

What your organisation does

Provision of emergency food to people in poverty local agencies, government and charities use a referrals system to send people to the food bank when they are in a poverty related crisis or emergency situation. Craigavon Area Compassion Project's primary function is the provision of a Food Bank. The general public, businesses and schools donate

food items, which are then quality checked and distributed to people who have come through our referrals system. People are given food parcels which have been approved by a nutritionist. Other supporting items such as toiletries are given when available. The Food Bank provides this service primarily in the Craigavon Area through four local centres located in Lurgan, Portadown, Central Craigavon and Tandragee, thus ensuring convenient access to our support mechanism. The Food Bank is staffed by volunteers who carry our basic administration, sort and store food in our warehouse. We also provide meet and greet services to those who come to avail of our service, giving them three days worth of food provisions for each voucher presented.

The charity’s classifications

  • The prevention or relief of poverty
  • The advancement of health or the saving of lives
  • The relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage

Who the charity helps

  • Asylum seekers/refugees
  • Children (5-13 year olds)
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Ex-offenders and prisoners
  • General public
  • Homelessness
  • Men
  • Mental health
  • Older people
  • Parents
  • Preschool (0-5 year olds)
  • Travellers
  • Unemployed/low income
  • Voluntary and community sector
  • Volunteers
  • Women
  • Youth (14-25 year olds)

How the charity works

  • Advice/advocacy/information
  • Community development
  • Counselling/support
  • Education/training
  • Relief of poverty
  • Volunteer development

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 30 November 2018

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 30 November 2017

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charitable purposes

The Charity's objects ("the Objects") are specifically restricted to the prevention and relief of poverty, financial hardship, sickness and distress, the promotion, preservation and protection of health of the inhabitants of the Craigavon area and its environs in particular but not exclusively (hereinafter referred to as "the area of benefit") and to promote general charitable purposes for the benefit of those inhabitants who are in need of assistance as a result of their poverty or social and economic circumstances by associating with the statutory authorities, community and voluntary organisations and the inhabitants of the area of benefit in a common effort to relieve poverty and financial hardship in the interests of social welfare in order to improve the conditions of life for the said inhabitants and in particular: (a) to relieve poverty and hunger of the inhabitants who are in the conditions of need, hardship or distress in the area of benefit by any charitable means and in particular through the provision of emergency food aid, relief goods, funds, training clothing, advice and care; (b) the relief of sickness among the inhabitants by the provision of healthy nutrition and food hygiene practice and the provision of services required to ease their suffering; (c) to promote or assist in the promotion, facilitation and organisation of community capacity building and community development programmes and projects for the benefit of the inhabitants within the area of benefit who have need of such assistance as a result of their youth, age, disability or infirmity, or social and economic circumstances, in an effort to increase the abilities, skills and self-confidence of such inhabitants; (d) to advance any other exclusively charitable purposes as the trustees, may from time to time, decide in accordance with the law of charity.

Governing document

Memorandum and Articles

Other name

  • 3 Trustees
  • 1 Employees
  • 60 Volunteers

Contact details

Public address

  • Mr Christopher R Leech, 29 Toberhewny Lodge, Lurgan, Lurgan, Armagh, BT66 7FL

Trustee board

Christopher Leech
Pastor Philip Emerson
Mr Martin Stevenson

List of regions

  • In Northern Ireland