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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Larne Foodbank

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Charity no. 100087 Date registered. 03/04/2014

Public benefits

What benefit flows from Larne Foodbank's purpose? The beneficiaries, as identified in Purposes, receive sufficient food to provide a nutritious diet for three days for their families. Three days is the period assessed as being the minimum time it takes for the appropriate agencies to be in a position where they may be able to assist the

beneficiaries. Where necessary, the beneficiaries are signposted to supporting agencies to help them deal with their crises. What evidence supports this? Since starting to operate in March 2013, Larne Foodbank has provided food to over 600 beneficiaries. The Foodbank intends to employ independent evaluation of the service provided to beneficiaries. Is any harm or possibility of harm outweighed by the benefit? Larne Foodbank is unaware of any harm arising from its purpose. Potential harm may arise if beneficiaries receive out-of-date or damaged food. Care is taken to ensure that the chances of this are minimised by regular monitoring of stock. Who is benefit for? The primary cause of beneficiaries requiring food is identified by referrers. Since inception 44% of recipients of food have been referred because of low income, 24% have had benefit delays or changes to benefit. 10% have been homeless and 5% have been in debt.

What your organisation does

The Foodbank collects food and financial donations from the public at supermarkets, from churches and through local groups and schools. Twenty nine organisations have provided food. Food is drawn by a beneficiary as a result of a referral with a uniquely numbered voucher from a registered Care professional such as a Social Worker, Health Visitor,

Probation Officer, Church Pastoral Worker or others working in the front line of poverty. Thirty two agencies currently refer beneficiaries. Beneficiaries may be referred to Larne Foodbank up to three times in six months. In consultation with referrers, and in exceptional circumstances, more frequent referring may occur. When beneficiaries present vouchers at the Foodbank they are offered a cup of tea or coffee while their food is bagged. They receive non-judgmental support from trained volunteers and may be offered advice to a multi-agency platform of organisations such as CAB, debt counselling, advocacy, health visitors, etc.

The charity’s classifications

  • The prevention or relief of poverty
  • The advancement of health or the saving of lives
  • The relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage

Who the charity helps

  • Addictions (drug/solvent/alcohol abuse)
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Ex-offenders and prisoners
  • Homelessness
  • Older people
  • Specific areas of deprivation
  • Unemployed/low income
  • Victim support
  • Voluntary and community sector

How the charity works

  • Advice/advocacy/information
  • General charitable purposes
  • Relief of poverty
  • Welfare/benevolent

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 March 2021

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 March 2020

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 March 2019

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charitable purposes

Larne Foodbank is established to relieve poverty, hunger and financial hardship, promote social inclusion, protect and preserve public health and well-being, and to promote the benefit of the inhabitants who are in need of assistance as a result of their poverty or social and economic circumstances in the wards of Larne Borough Council in particular but not exclusively without distinction of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic identity, political or religious opinion, by associating the statutory authorities, community and voluntary organisations and the beneficiaries in a common effort to relieve poverty and financial hardship with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said beneficiaries and in particular: (a) to relieve poverty and hunger of the inhabitants who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress or at risk of social exclusion in the area of benefit by any charitable means and in particular through the provision of emergency food aid, relief goods, training, clothing, advice and care; (b) to advance any other exclusively charitable purpose as the Committee, may from time to time, decide in accordance with the law of charity. For the purposes of this article 'socially excluded' means people who are excluded from society, or parts of society, as a result of one or more of the following factors: unemployment, homelessness, sickness or poor health, domestic violence, crime, financial hardship or low income; race; gender, poor educational or skills attainment; substance abuse or dependency including alcohol and drugs; disability; nationality or ethnic origin; or have experienced a lack of sensitivity to cultural issues or who are within, or have experienced, the public care or penal system.

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  • 9 Trustees
  • 2 Employees
  • 70 Volunteers

Contact details

Public address

  • Larne Foodbank, Craigyhill Methodist Church, 1 Brustin Brae Road, Larne, County Antrim., BT40 2HS

Trustee board

Mr Alan Turner
Rev Chris Skillen
Rev Dr Colin Mcclure
Mrs Elaine Barnett
Mrs Elizabeth Glover
Mrs Rosaleen Westland
Mr Grant Robinson
Captain Annemarie Cole
Rev Dr Paul Reid

List of regions

  • Mid And East Antrim Borough Council