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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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NICVA COVID-19 Impact Survey 2020

The Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) has published the results of its recent survey, which was aimed at gathering information on the impacts being felt by organisations due to the COVID-19 crisis and the support and guidance organisations are seeking. 

Some of the keys findings are below, with further information available on NICVA’s website here.

  • Almost all respondents (98.3%) indicated that the crisis was impacting their organisation.
  • Over 43% reported that managing their staff, volunteers, and activities was posing major challenges, while over half (53.6%) that funding/income was likely to be lost, and over a third (33.7%) indicated that funding had already been lost.
  • Nearly one in four said that the survival of their organisation was threatened.
  • Based on responses from 456 organisations, almost half (45%) reported they had already stopped services and activities affecting over 100 service users per week.
  • Based on responses from 544 organisations, more than one in six respondents reported they had no more than 5 weeks worth of reserves to sustain them through the COVID-19 crisis, while over two-thirds (68.4%) reported they had no more than 20 weeks reserves.

When asked what support their organisation needed in the current crisis, the top five most sought after support needs were (based on 536 responses):

  1. ‘Financial/funding support to sustain the organisation’s staff and work’ (66.2%)
  2. ‘Flexibility with/Changes to normal rules and restrictions (e.g. to enable support for local communities)’ (47.8%)
  3. ‘Representation of our concerns to government/statutory bodies’ (46.3%)
  4. ‘Advice and guidance on how to support local communities safely’ (45.1%)
  5. ‘Co-ordination by and collaboration with government/statutory bodies (39.9%)

In addition, the survey has gathered substantial data on the actions and plans organisations are implementing to respond to the current crisis and the areas of advice and guidance they are seeking.

NICVA will be analysing the data to inform how they represent key concerns to government, and their communications to the sector and others.