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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Halifax Foundation Northern Ireland Coronavirus response

The Halifax Foundation Northern Ireland has issued a statement on their website, to highlight that they understand that Coronavirus will present a number of challenges to the charities which they support throughout Northern Ireland over the coming weeks and months. 

An independent grant-making trust, the Foundation works to support charities within Northern Ireland, enabling people who are disadvantaged or with additional needs, to participate actively in their communities.

In their Coronavirus Response statement, the Foundation said they recognise that charities will be an even more crucial support mechanism than ever in these unprecedented times in providing both practical and emotional support and tackling isolation.

The Foundation said they want to ensure they can provide support in any way they can, which will include flexibility around funding and reporting. If your charity is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and you receive grant funding from the Foundation:

  • They will be reasonable if you need to request budget changes to ensure your projects can continue.
  • They will consider any project extension requests sympathetically.
  • If you think you will struggle to meet your end of project evaluation deadline please get in touch with the Foundation to request an extension.

You can read the full statement on their website here: