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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Commission removes five charities from register

Five charities have been removed from the Northern Ireland register of charities by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland as they are believed to be no longer in operation.

All of the charities, which are named below, were in default of their annual reporting requirements for two years or more, do not appear to have carried out any activities recently and have either informed the Commission of their closure or the charity trustees have proven to be uncontactable.

This is the first time the Commission has taken action to remove charities from the register under section 16(5) of the Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008. This section of the Act places a duty on the Commission to remove from the register any institution which it no longer considers to be a charity, and any charity which has ceased to exist or does not operate.

The decision was taken following a range of checks and investigatory steps taken by the Commission to contact the trustees and ascertain if the charities were operating. This included publication of a notice highlighting the intention to remove the charities from the register and inviting representations from those who may be affected.

As a result, the Commission is satisfied the charities no longer operate or have ceased to exist and they have been removed from the register.

All known charity trustees have been contacted to make them aware of the decision to remove the charities from the register. Any person who is or may be affected by the decision to remove a charity from the register of charities may appeal that decision to the Charity Tribunal (