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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Commission names 38 local charities in default after failing to submit accounts

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland is today naming the local charities now in default after they failed to submit an Annual Monitoring Return in January.

This could have an adverse impact on funder and public confidence in the charities concerned.

Annual Monitoring Returns, which include the submission of a set of accounts, are a legal obligation for all registered charities.

On 14 February, the Commission wrote to 556 trustees from 88 charities whose Annual Monitoring Returns were overdue, notifying them that their charities would be identified as being in default on the public register of charities if they did not respond. 38 charities have not responded and have therefore been marked as being in default.

Details of charities that fail to submit their annual returns will be passed on to HM Revenue and Customs, meaning that further action may be taken. All such charities have been marked as being in default in highly visible red letters on the online register of charities, where accounts are published. Corporate and government funders, as well as individual donors, volunteers and supporters may choose not to back charities that have not fulfilled their legal obligations.

The Commission will now take further steps, including the use of its statutory powers where necessary, to ensure that the legal obligation to submit accounts is complied with.

Commission Chief Executive Frances McCandless said:

“The public want and deserve transparent, accountable charities. Any charity not completing its annual return is failing to deliver that. They run the risk of undermining public confidence both in their own charities and in the sector as a whole.

“Any charity that has missed the deadline for submitting its Annual Monitoring Return, and has not contacted us to explain why, should get in touch with the Commission immediately.”

The spreadsheet orginally attached to this news story has been removed. Please consult the register of charities for up-to-date information on the reporting status of charities.