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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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List of charities in default for more than six months

Please find below a list of charities which have been in default for more than six months.

Once registered, each charity is required to comply with its duties under annual reporting legislation, which includes completion of an online annual monitoring return along with submission of the required accounts and reports.

A charity has 10 months from the end of their financial year in which to submit information to the Commission. On receipt of the required documentation, the Commission will publish the charity’s accounts on the register of charities.

If a charity submits their information on time, their entry on the register of charities wil be marked in green as up-to-date. However the entry will automatically be highlighted in red if a charity is in default (failed to provide information within the 10 months) or has submitted documentation late.

Below is a list of charities which, as at 20 June 2019, have been in default for over six months. This list will be updated regularly. However, for the most accurate situation please check the register of charities.

Charities in default >6mths

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