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The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
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Cancer Lifeline

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Charity no. 100002 Date registered. 13/12/2013

Public benefits

Cancer Lifeline feels it meets the public benefit requirement because its purposes satisfies both elements of the public benefit requirement. In practice, Cancer Lifelines' purposes provide a range of benefits to a section of the public (ie. those diagnosed with cancer and their family members / carers). The actual benefits in terms of (i) the

relief of sickness through the provision of support services include:- - improved health outcomes - improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing - reduced levels of stress and anxiety - improved self care and self help strategies to deal with the impact of cancer - reduced levels of isolation - individuals and families are better able to cope with their or their loved ones illness - enhanced self confidence and self worth - opportunities to come together and share their fears and anxieties and to gain support from others facing similar difficulties - improved quality of life throughout their cancer journey - access to holistic care - increased capacity to understand their or their loved ones illness and treatment options - feeling supported, cared for and valued at a very vulnerable time in their lives - giving individuals and families a sense of hope The actual benefits for beneficiaries in terms of (ii) advancing education about cancer through advice, information and educational programmes include:- - increased skills, knowledge and capacity to make healthier lifestyle choices - enhanced knowledge about cancer signs and symptoms and the importance of early detection and early intervention - improved coping skills to deal with the impact of cancer - increased capacity and skills to try out, learn and integrate into their daily lives healthier lifestyle choices, for example in areas such as diet and nutrition, exercise and stress management - increased knowledge and understanding of the range of support services available to them both statutory, voluntary and community and how to access them - increased understanding of the role of different Allied Health Professionals - access to accurate and relevant health information that is accessible and easily understood - positive behavioural change through learned new techniques for self care and self help practices - access to continued peer support to enhance and support their health improvement learning - increased capacity to articulate their health needs to various health professionals - increased capacity to articulate their experiences of the health service with a view to improving future cancer services for all None of the above benefits are deemed harmful. Also all of the above mentioned benefits have been demonstrated via continued evaluation (both self and external independent evaluation) of Cancer Lifeline's services. Hence they have been recognised, defined and measured. The only private benefit is incidental this refers to the payment of appropriate salaries to staff employed by Cancer Lifeline in order to deliver its purposes.

What your organisation does

At our 'home from home' community base Cancer Lifeline provides a varied programme of support and information services. The unique focus of Cancer Lifeline is that it is managed by local people all of whom are living with cancer. Hence, when people come for support they will have the opportunity to meet and talk to others who have been through

the same experience. Services provided include:- - counselling - welfare benefits advice - complementary therapies - advocacy / peer support (This can include hospital, home visits and telephone support) - women's support group - male health improvement sessions - bereavement support - carer's support - parent support - tailored support for those aged 60+ - feel good factor workshops (hair, skin and nail care) - nutrition - get active programmes - fatigue management - relaxation / stress management - library services - signposting to other sources of support - health improvement training and workshops - outreach health improvement events e.g. talks, stalls, drama presentations - facilitating beneficiaries to share their experiences in order to improve future cancer services for all

The charity’s classifications

  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of health or the saving of lives
  • The relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage

Who the charity helps

  • Carers
  • General public
  • Mental health
  • Physical disabilities
  • Voluntary and community sector

How the charity works

  • Advice/advocacy/information
  • Counselling/support
  • Education/training
  • Medical/health/sickness

This display is a broad summary of the charity’s financial information. For a full understanding of the charity’s finances, the reader should view the PDF accounts and reports under the Documents tab above.





Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 March 2018

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 March 2017

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 March 2016

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charity accounts & reports for financial year end 31 March 2015

Independent examiners report Charity accounts Trustee annual report

Charitable purposes

Cancer Lifeline is established for the relief of sickness and to advance education about cancer among people in North Belfast, Shankill and Newtownabbey and its environs (hereinafter called the "area of benefit") who are suffering from cancer and their families (hereinafter called "the beneficiaries") from the point of view of people with cancer, and in particular (a) to provide support services for the beneficiaries (b) foster an atmosphere of mutual support among people suffering from cancer and their carers / families and to encourage them to provide mutual support and encouragement to each other (c) to provide advice, information, educational programmes to the beneficiaries and to promote public awareness about the effects of cancer and methods of management and of services and resources (both formal and informal) available.

Governing document

Memorandum and Articles

Other name

  • 4 Trustees
  • 11 Employees
  • 30 Volunteers

Contact details

Public address

  • Miss Liddean Mcstravog, Cancer Lifeline, 44 Alliance Avenue, Belfast, BT14 7PJ

Trustee board

Briege Petticrew
Bernadette Montgomery
Gloria Mathews
Rosemary Mc Guigan

List of regions

  • Antrim And Newtownabbey Borough Council
  • Belfast City Council